Fly Me To The Moon Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Şarkıcı Choosey

Fly me to the moon
and let me play among the stars
(and let me play among the stars)
Fly me to the moon
(Fly me to the moon, fly me to the)
and let me play among the stars
(and let me play among the stars)

It's a new day
And I would watch the news
But it's sad to see
All the calamity, followed by a tragedy
I would hit my girl on her celly
But she mad at me
Granted that we're dealing with this unstable family
The world want to pull you to hell
Even gravity
Say it ain't so
But I feel it grabbing at my feet
And I don't see solutions to even out my reach
That's probably why this move's been attracting me
I hit Exile, 'cause him and I are Gemini
And if I feel this way, hell, he gotta feel it
Feel my life, right?
Second thought, never mind
He got his own thing, so I should try and deal with mine
And I don't say nothing
But to my surprise,
The beat he made said exactly what I felt inside
I lit a spliff and started venting through these written rhymes
And realized this rhythm is a spaceship of mine

[Nakarat, but even dubbier]
('Cause you ain't gotta stay what you are)

I said fly me to the moon
Yerba man, a la luna
And I'll be gone til November, miss
Far beyond what they all say the limit is
They thought I'll pro'ly fall
Ironic isn't it
'Cause now I'm lifting off, aw, what a difference
And I'll be sending postcards in the midst of it
And hope they fall on your lawn with a picket fence
In case you're caught up in the business
And it's hard to look beyond all the dividends
Here's a clear picture, a little glimpse of this
They don't recognize the light when they get eclipsed
I know it's more than just a light to keep the city lit
I heard it guided many people out the wilderness
Yeah, gotta be more than just a decoration
I think it's up there telling us get the elevator

('Cause you ain't gotta stay what you are)

[Nakarat, all chopped up]

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