Washed Out Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Şarkıcı Counterfeit

God damn I think I'm stuck again
Last call it's time to sink or swim
Blacked out I end up on my back
And I know that I should stop
Come on and cut me some slack

When will this end? But I try again
And say I'm good yet it still feels like I'm failing
I know this isn't fun but I'm stuck in a rut
Of endless nights with friends who seem to forgive me

Knocked out by a bottle of spirit
I'll be fine just give me a minute

And I, I'm to old to live I'm too young to die

Another day and I still feel like shit
I need a pill, something to help me quick
Coz all the things I did the night before
Have left me wanting nothing yet somehow I do more

I walk the razors edge between my life and death
And every times the last I claim that I'm trying
Don't let em see you sweat
Now let em feel the heat
I'm an animal and I can't be caged

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