I Saw You Kid Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Şarkıcı Jonas Alaska

Oooooo I saw you kid.
I saw you smiling with your head high.
So grown up I saw you doing what you did, but no matter what they say even grown men cry.
I don't know what it's like but I know what it's done to your heart.
I saw you cry should I pile off dirt getting hurt crawling back to the start.
Your daddy calls you a useless kid and you watched your mama fall apart.

Oooooo you look for something good, something that looks like what you once had.
You o you think you should, and you keep looking up so you won't go mad.
But it's heartbreaking, so heart-breaking seeing you try.
Looking for anything normal and warm and will sometimes makes you wanna die.
I wanna lay down ded on the floor after looking into your blue eyes.

Oooooo what can you say. What can you do when you're where you are.
It always comes another day and an open wound will soon be a scar.
And I'll be your friend and you'll better be mine friend too.
I might be boring and I'll might be dumb but I know that I'll be good to you.
We might be stuck but we'll find some stuff to do.

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