Free Pigs Grunt The Best [Frie Grise Grynter Bedst] Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Şarkıcı Jungledyret Hugo (OST)

Oh pigs! Strong, noble hogs!
Listen to me! Why do you allow yourselves to be held captive in this pigsty
when nature's true freedom awaits you all in the green forest?
Yes, brothers and sisters, I'm here today to free you all from this prison!
Let us now run, my friends, together into the forest! The winds of freedom are blowing!
Long live freedom!

Free pigs grunt the best
They don't have to be depressed (Oh oh oh oh)
All day long, they're having fun (Oh oh oh oh)
Roll in the mud, dry off in the sun (Oh oh oh)

Free pigs grunt the best
In the North, South, East, and West (North, South, East, and West)
Any place they wanna try (Oh oh oh oh)
Life is much more than a sty (Oh oh oh)

Free pigs always love to boast
They don't wind up as a roast
Freedom isn't always fine
It doesn't scare a handsome swine!
A handsome swine!

So give a grunt! (Oh oh oh oh)
Come on, come on, yeah, give a grunt! (Oh oh oh oh)
Now the doors are open wide! (Oh oh oh oh)
Freedom's on the other side! (Oh oh oh oh)
Fight together in a pig stampede!
Fight together and we'll all be free!

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