Sweeter as it goes Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics)

Şarkıcı Omari Tau

This is a new song. I think songs are more like relationships when you start one hour. Some come to you quickly, some take a little while, some you wanna sing for a season and some you wanna sing forever. Good day!

It started out a rhythm
And then became the tune
We sat it by the window
And howled it at the moon

My warning words were blooming
And then the words grew strong
And now the colder it becomes
And now I'm down and lone.

Sometimes we lose the rhythm
But do the eyes lose?
Our eyes become our rhythm
And the tune grows, yes, as it goes
And the tune grows sweeter as it goes

Sometimes the call the heart follows
Sometimes heart the melody
We mumble and we stumble
Until we find the key.

If at times you go too fast
Or if I'm not playing the right place
We can just put it back by the window
So it will grow like it did back at the start.

If it seems the song is ending
Guess you'll tell me that it slows
Just remember that the ending
The tune grows as it goes
And the tune grows sweeter as it goes.

And all we got is music
Then put your hand in mine
You keep the rhyme, I'll keep the time.

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